Wielka 27, Wrocław


Artefakt is an office building located at ul. Wielka 27 in Wrocław. The fourteen-storey building offers 9,106 m2 of office space in the open space system, with the possibility of any arrangement of modules from 100 to 700 m2 on the first floor, thus meeting the needs of tenants looking for offices with small areas, but in a good location and of a high standard. There are parking spaces for users, a bicycle room protected by access control, as well as a café and relaxation zones in the building. Some offices will have access to the terrace for the exclusive use of the tenant. In the representative, 2-storey high entrance hall there will be a 24-hour reception, which will ensure the comfort and safety of tenants. The hall will have a direct connection to the cafe, which also serves breakfast and lunch for tenants. The office building is located opposite the Sky Tower at the intersection of ul. Wielka and Powstańców Śląskich, which is one of the main communication arteries of the city, providing access to the full infrastructure of public transport and bicycle routes. A drive to the Main Railway Station takes 10 minutes, and to the airport - 30 minutes.

Base rent:

16 EUR/m2

Operating Costs:

18 PLN/m2

Minimum lease period:


Cost of underground/
ground level parking:


Start of the lease:

to be agreed

Year of delivery:

2Q 2023

In case of interest please contact: Marek Ciunowicz, CEO, m: +48 504 064 248, e: marek.ciunowicz@corees.pl
* The presented data are for information only, they do not constitute an offer within the meaning of commercial law.


Property Particulars