A modern office building as a competitive advantage in the recruitment process

Today’s labor market is commonly referred to as the “employee market”. And although the pandemic has shaken the economy, one thing has remained unchanged – employers are fighting for specialists. And those, aware of their value, can still dictate conditions and choose where they want and where they don’t want to work. The office is among the many elements that influence the decision-making process.

Experienced and valued employees can choose from job offers. However, even the generation just entering the labor market is not the same as the one that started their first job two decades ago. Candidates responding to offers pay attention not only to the job description and the salary but also to additional benefits associated with accepting a given position. Employers, in turn, aware of the requirements and expectations of employees, come up with new amenities that provide additional incentives. Additional perks in the form of multisport cards, private medical care, fruit Fridays, or integration trips have already become a standard. However, nothing beats the quality of the workplace.

What employees want

An extremely important aspect that determines whether a candidate wants to continue a job interview is the location of the company’s headquarters. Convenient access, available parking spaces or bicycle stands are the employer’s bargaining chip. However, the building in which the office is located – in an old tenement house or in a modern office building is no less important. We spend at least a third of a day at work, and taking the time needed for sleep into account, this is practically most of the day. That is why the conditions in it are so important.

Nobody wants to work in an unpleasant and neglected place today. Especially the Millennials (representing more than half of today’s employees), who pay great attention to gaining positive experiences, comfort and appreciate the quality of life, and thus also work. That is why modern office buildings definitely win over the buildings of the past era. Designer interiors not only please the eye, but also encourage creativity. Scientific research confirms that an employee who feels good in the workplace is definitely more efficient and works more efficiently.

Another aspect is the growing social awareness of employees and their attachment to their ideas. Consequently, they are prone to reject a job offer in companies that do not respect the values ​​that are important to them. Ecological office buildings with BREEAM, LEED or WELL certificates, which testify to the construction or adaptation of an office building, taking the principles of environmental protection into account, win in the process of deciding on the choice of a workplace, which is very important, especially among Millennials.

Up to the task

Being aware of all these aspects, employers compete with each other as regards the amenities inside office buildings. The first element that they pay attention to when choosing company headquarters are the amenities inside the building – comfort of movement, quality of common areas, spaciousness. Aspects such as access to natural light, room ventilation, or room temperature are also extremely important, as well as the arrangement options of the rooms in your own office. They know that when choosing a job offer, employees are also guided by aspects such as the availability of a luncheonette or well-equipped (mainly with an exclusive coffee machine) kitchenettes with the simultaneous presence of a market in (or at least nearby) the building, the presence of a nursery or kindergarten in an office building, but also the possibility of taking a break from work for a while and recharging one’s batteries in the common areas. That is why relaxation rooms, games rooms or bookcases, where you can read a book in peace for a while, have become so fashionable in office buildings. The view from the window – whether it is a green park or, the city panorama from the top floor, is of equal importance.

In the process of looking for an office for your company, it is better to pay attention to the space in modern office buildings, despite the seemingly higher costs. In the long-run, the investment may bring a satisfactory return thanks to the employment of highly qualified staff and excellent specialists.