Corees and Antal as a partner of the “Lunch & Learn” Gekko advisoryNOW meeting

Do new trends in business affect changes in companies’ operating models? How is the new business reality perceived by the employee and the employer? How is the issue of real estate and office work models presented in all of this? These questions became the starting point for Gekko advisoryNOW to organize another meeting in the “Lunch & Learn” series. The results of the latest report prepared by Antal and Corees Polska, entitled “Work model employee performance and satisfaction”.

Lunch & Learn is an opportunity to talk with experts, listen to stories and opinions, and share your experiences. And all this among managers from companies from many industries. Meetings are held periodically, on the last Friday of the month, in a remote model. The last lunch took place on 2/26/2021. At the invitation of the host of the meeting, lectures were given by: Artur Skiba, CEO at Antal Polska and Marek Ciunowicz, CEO at Corees Polska.

For years, the # 1 priority for managers has been to optimize the company’s operating costs. About 3 years before the pandemic, the # 1 podium position was won by another priority, namely increased investment in modern technologies. Today, both priorities are still on the podium, but there are new aspects and trends on the management agenda that cannot be ignored. The new reality is an absolutely new mechanism for building competences in companies using the concept of “open talent”, it is the time to build and rebuild work models into the most optimal hybrid models, it is also the time of strong leaders, especially when it comes to managing multigenerational teams in various configurations. -robot mix ”, working remotely and using other tools. If that was not enough, the crisis also contributed to accelerating the search for robotic potential in companies. Robotization is no longer a “distant, difficult and expensive” topic, but rather one of the main priorities for “here and now” – says Violetta Malek, Managing Partner of Gekko advisoryNOW.

The report “Work model employee performance and satisfaction (MPEZ)” aims to answer these questions by summing up the experiences of several hundred employers and employees. The report shows the aspects of work (whether remote or in the office) are assessed as effective, arouse employee satisfaction, and which affect potential threats to the organization, such as increased turnover or inefficient internal communication.

Firms, when considering future actions, should analyze individual models in terms of the most important factors for them. However, when implementing a specific type, it is worth taking care of the areas that pose the greatest threat to the functioning of the business. At Antal, we deal not only with recruitment, but also in-depth market analyzes, which give the opportunity to collect a detailed interview on the preferences of employees and employers as to their work models – comments Artur Skiba, President of the Antal Management Board

Corees Polska is not only a commercial real estate agency, it is people who like to ask questions and look for answers. Wanting to find out more about the future in terms of office space, including real estate, it was decided to prepare a report that we can certainly boast about, which we are happy to do. – says Marek Ciunowicz, CEO of Corees Polska.

The report is available in two language versions at: