We believe that the future begins today and all of this potential is in the children hands.
We support Marcel as part of the AKADEMIA PRZYSZŁOŚCI, which is an educational program addressed to primary school children. It teaches children how to deal with problems and broadens their horizons.
#KidsFirst - then better future!

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The choices we make have an impact on us, on our work, and distant and closer surroundings. We are convinced that even the smallest initiatives translate into a better quality of our lives and the environment.

We try to act in such a way as to promote the development of ourselves and others, also through pro-ecological activities. We reduce the use of water, paper and plastic packaging. We spend time actively – drawing strength from contact with nature. Being pro-eco means engaging in initiatives that we think are for us.

We are closely linked to Nextbike Polska S.A. that implements projects related to sustainable transport. Civilizational changes, such as increased car traffic or air pollution, mean that the solutions proposed by Nextbike using docking stations, non-stationary bicycles with assisting electric drive, are becoming a brilliant alternative to traditional forms of passenger or urban transport. We say yes! For more information, please visit: www.nextbike.pl