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ul. Zarzecze 1A street



Ladies and Gentlemen,
We invite you to submit an offer for the purchase of real estate, which consists of land with an area of 3,690 sq m. For sale is plot 30/3 located in Augustów at ul. Zarzecze 1A. The plot is developed with a shed building and a temporary house/building. The entire structure can be demolished in order to carry out the selected investment. Utilities are available in close proximity to the border of the plot: electricity network, water supply network, sewage network, telecommunications network.

The property is located in a favorable location for investments in the tourism and other industries. The plot is located on the Netta River, as well as in close proximity to the beach on Lake Necko in Augustów. It is also worth emphasizing the close distance (less than 1 km) from the very center of the city.

The property is located in an area with the current local development plan. According to the planning document, the land is located in the area marked with the symbol UT-3 - tourism, sports and recreation services, and in a small part in the area marked with the symbol CP - pedestrian route.

The most important planning indicators for the area marked with the UT-3 designation symbol:
• the maximum building height cannot exceed 12.0 m,
• the maximum number of storeys cannot exceed 3,
• it is agreed that at least 50% of the plot area should be left as biologically active area,
• it is established that the maximum development intensity index cannot be higher than 1.0,
• it is established that the maximum built-up area cannot be greater than 40% of the area.
Additionally, an impassable building line runs through the plot, which approximately coincides with the maximum development area (40%), most of the area excluded from development is located from the street. Užupis. and partly from the river, as well as the north-western part of the plot.

The property has a clean legal situation. There are no encumbrances or mortgages.

Ground area:

3 960 m²


4 750 000 zł net


Tourism, sports and recreation services



Legal restrictions:




Distance from the city beach

0,5 km



Distance from the center

<1 km

Direct access to a public road


If you are interested, please contact: Łukasz Nelken-Żbik, Head of Valuation; m: +48 605 051 180; e:
* The data presented is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of commercial law.


Property Particulars Augustów, Zarzecze 1A