Five Steps
to a Better Office

When an office’’s lease agreement is nearing its expiration, many consider it for the “better”. But what should we really take into account if we want to get the effect of a better office and what steps should we take to make a change for the better in our company as well?

Changing the office is usually aimed at improving the comfort of work, but should also be aimed at generating savings. If you are considering changing your office at all, the best solution is to contact our agency. We will suggest possible scenarios, help you choose the right solutions, advise you at every stage of your decision – making. At the beginning, we suggest what steps should be taken to change the office for an actually better, not worse.


First step – strategy

The first and fundamental step to be taken when thinking about changing an office is to rethink the company’s strategy – after the course of several years. Standard lease contracts are concluded for several years, so if we are planning big changes in the company, e.g. its significant development, we may soon face the problem of the lack of space, and employees will feel crowded at the same point.  In addition, recent months have taught us that life can really surprise us, so the strategy should also take unpredictable situations into account –  changing the conditions of the business environment, independent of us, but also the experience of remote work and the attitude of employees in the company to cooperate in the all recently tested systems – stationary, remote and hybrid. Therefore, if you want to change the office for the better, it may be worth considering renting a flexi office instead of an exclusive one, which gives you the opportunity to change the contract terms in the event of increased needs and unforeseen circumstances.

Step two – analysis

The second, slightly different, but closely related issue is the analysis of the tasks performed by the ’company’s employees. The scope of the employee’s duties largely affects the needs related to their work station, its comfort and – subsequently the efficiency and attitude of the employee towards work. It’s obvious that people who hold blue collar and white collar positins require different work stations, however, those who perform office work have different requirements depending on the type of activities performed. You should also take such aspects as meetings with clients, individual versus team work, hierarchy in the company into account, and then adjust the size and nature of the rented space to them. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the office only not provides comfort, but also safety at work, so that employees are not only not afraid, but also want to come and work there.

Step three – planning the space

When renting a new office or changing it to another one, do not act rashly, but plan it in advance. When we have a well – established vision of development and analyzed needs, the next step should be to plan the space. The office should be a place that supports the company in its activities and development, both in terms of staff, as well as marketing and image. If we do not have spatial thinking skills, it’s worth seeking the assistance of an architect or real estate advisor who will help you plan the office so that is supports the company at every stage.

Step four – choosing a location

The interior itself is not enough. When we find out what our ideal office should look like, how big and how it should be arranged, in the next step we should consider where it should be located. The company’s location is an extremely important point on the business map. Not only does it say a lot about the company’s prestige, it determines how easily our clients can reach it, but most of all whether our employees will want to commute to it. Good transport connections are worth much more than location in the city center or in the most prestigious district.

Convenient access by car and a sufficient number of parking spaces can attract an employee much faster than the most expensive multisport card. Thanks to a convenient location, we can count on the best specialists who will want to work with us and also stay for a long time.

Step five – finalization of the contract

The final step, when we find the perfect office in an ideal location, is to negotiate the terms of the lease agreement. Here we should definitely rely on the experience and help of commercial real estate agents (e.g. such as Corees Polska) who will guide us through the entire office lease process from beginning to end and negotiate the best terms for us.