The Employees are in Fact the Tenants

A company is not an empty creation. Regardless of its size – be it a sole proprietorship or a global corporation – it is always made up of people. In the office aspect, it is worth ensuring the best possible standard of office space – ergo working conditions. It has been known for a long time that an employee appreciated, also in terms of space and benefits, is more willing to engage and is loyal – which in the global aspect translates into better results of both their work and thus the company’s success.


All roads lead to the office

One of the basic – non-wage – aspects that an employee takes into account when making a decision to take up employment in a given company is its location. Employees commute to the office in various ways – from various places within and outside the city, some by public transport (city and intercity), and some by cars and bicycles. Therefore, it is important that the office is located in a location that allows easy access along with the possibility of parking a car, bicycles, and more and more often also scooters. If there is no parking in the building, it is imperative to pay attention to the availability of parking spaces nearby.


Do you want to attract employees to your office? Provide them with access within 30 minutes.

By analyzing the results of the study presented in the report “Work Model and Efficiency and Employee Satisfaction (MPEZ)” developed by Corees Polska and Antal, an interesting correlation can be observed in the responses provided by employees. Employees commuting to work in less than half an hour declare a higher willingness to return to the office after the pandemic. The opposite trend is also noticeable – people who spend an hour traveling both ways are less likely to choose to work from the office in the new reality. This situation seems to have a clear potential for improvement as over 70% of the respondents commute to work longer than 30 minutes.


Office with a restaurant

You must not forget that while working in the office you also need to eat something and rest. The organization of kitchenettes in the common areas of the office, where you can prepare or reheat a ready dish, make aromatic coffee and tea and – which is not without significance – eat in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere is already the standard. Alternative eateries, bistros, cafes or food trucks near the office or directly in the building are also positivies.


At work like at home

Both employers on their own premises, as well as the office buildings themselves, are creating more and more sophisticated, but also comfortable common areas to allow employees to rest and recharge their batteries, and to strengthen ties in the team. From the perspective of some industries, such solutions can actually affect the creativity of the team and employee efficiency. The interior design is equally important for your well-being. In order to properly adjust the spaces for the employee, dedicated analyzes and studies of the workplace environment are carried out, serving as an exit element when designing a space by architectural offices.


What about the benefits?

A multisport card, medical care package, cinema or theater tickets are typical additional salary perks that employers tempt employees with. Unfortunately, recently – due to the limited possibilities of their use – they do not seem to be needed. For employees – mainly those working in offices anyway, working in a hybrid manner or planning to return to their offices after the pandemic ends – meeting the need for safety and protecting their health on the spot in the office is definitely more important than any material benefits. As many as 35 percent of the respondents in the aforementioned report, when asked what benefits would allow them to work more effectively from the office, indicated providing them with hand disinfectants, masks, regular sanitary audits and regular ozonation of the office. Just slightly less respondents indicated more space between desks, which is also due to fear of contracting the virus from colleagues.


Benefits of remote work

What about home office employees? The respondents within the framework of the study mostly indicated the need for contact with a psychologist and psychological support in remote work and the pandemic, related to anxiety and depression. This is what employees would expect most. Those fortunate enough to receive such help from their employer – be it in the form of online meetings with a psychologist, workshops or webinars – appreciated this supplement. However, this is not the only benefit that employers provided employees during their home office. Many, instead of resigning from corporate events such as “Christmas Eve”, transferred them online, others allowed comfortable office chairs or work equipment to be taken home. For some, working in a hybrid system, companies lent company cars to their employees so that they could travel the way between home and office safely. Many employees, however, simply expect financial allowances to compensate them for the costs of utilities and internet access resulting from working from home.


Companies that not only lease space in comfortable buildings, but also take care of the immaterial needs of their employees, enjoy their loyalty and respect. It is worth remembering that people should always come first. We will be happy to conduct an in-depth analysis of your company’s needs – both from the employer’s and employee’s point of view.