Green Horizon
ul. Pomorska 106


Green Horizon is an office complex which consists of two, 7-storey buildings in the highest standard of A-class. The total area of a single building amounts in 37 thousand sqm, whereas the office area achieves approximately 33 thousand sqm. Green Horizon applies environmental-friendly solutions, among which the most important ones are energy efficient lighting and effective air conditioning system, which utilizes cold air from the outside. Office complex is located in the direct neighborhood of Solidarności roundabout, the main communication array in Łódź, and have a convenient connection with the city center and Piotrkowska street.

Base rent:


Operating costs:

19,50 PLN/m²

Minimum lease period:

60 months

Cost of underground /
ground level parking:

70,50 EUR

Stary of lease:


Year of delivery:


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