Textorial Park

ul. Fabryczna 17


Textorial Park is a modern office complex in Łódź, located in the neighboring area of the city center, is consisting of 3 office building of A class. The complex belongs to Księży Młyn area, which is an integral part of city’s history, and in the same time it borders with Park Źródliska. The accessibility with the city center and the neighborhood of greenery encourages also restaurants and lofts investors. The office complex is an open facility that functions 24/7.

Base rent:

13,5 EUR/m²

Operating costs:

19 PLN/m²

Minimum lease period:

36 months

Cost of underground /
ground level parking:

70/50 EUR

Start of the lease:


Year of delivery:


* The presented data are for information only, they do not constitute an offer within the meaning of commercial law. In case of interest please contact: office@corees.pl