ul. Powstańców Śląskich 7A


The building is located at the junction of Powstancow Śląskich and Free Street, in the immediate vicinity of the shopping mall - Arkady Wrocławskie, within walking distance of the main railway and bus station. The office has a total of twelve floors. The total area of ​​this twelve-storey building is 27,750 square meters, and the usable area is 18,206 square meters, the largest part of which is office space - 14,500 square meters, less, commercial and service premises - 850 square meters.

Base rent:

13,50 EUR/m²

Operating costs:

16,8 PLN/m²

Minimum lease period:

60 months

Cost of
underground level parking:

80 EUR

Start of the lease:


Year of delivery:


* The presented data are for information only, they do not constitute an offer within the meaning of commercial law. In case of interest please contact: office@corees.pl