The premiere of the Antal and Corees report

Corees Polska, together with Antal, the market leader in the recruitment of specialists and managers as well as in human resource consulting,  have prepared an answer to these, and other questions in a report titled ‘Work model, employee performance and satisfaction’ published 23rd of February 2021.

The report titled ‘Work model, employee performance and satisfaction’ (MPEZ) aims to answer these questions by aggregating the experiences of several hundred employers and employees. In the report, we show which aspects of work (whether remote or in-office) are rated as effective, which aspects arouse employee satisfaction, and which aspects pose potential threats to the organisation, such as increased employee turnover or inefficient internal communication.

The survey was carried out in December 2020 among 315 employers, using the CAWI method The survey carried out among 956 employees (specialists and managers) was conducted in December 2020, using the CAWI method.


You can download the report here:

Polish version:

English version:


About Antal

Antal is the market leader in the recruitment of specialists and managers as well as in human resource consulting. The Antal brand has been present in Poland since 1996. Within Antal Group, there is a Polish branch which was established in 1996, as well as a Czech branch (opened in 2014) and the Hungarian company, Enloyd Hungary. Polish offices located in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Poznan and Gdansk carry out projects in Poland and abroad, for the largest global and local companies from all sectors of the economy. We were one of the first recruitment companies in Poland to introduce a matrix division of teams, thanks to which our consultants specialise in both sector-based and position-based recruitment. Currently, Antal has 10 recruitment divisions and teams advising companies on employee assessment and development, employer branding and market analyses. The year 2018 also saw the launch of two innovative services: a platform for freelancers (REX) and a recruitment agency for robots.


About Corees Polska

Corees Polska is an independent advisory company offering a wide range of brokerage services for tenants and commercial property owners, providing support in the field of office, warehouse, retail and investment consulting.

With 26 years of professional experience and a highly qualified team of advisors, Corees operates in major business centres as well as in regional cities. The entire Corees team works with clients in a fully professional and transparent manner, in accordance with the highest international standards. Flexibility, availability and partnership are at the heart of all Corees’ professional relations, whether it is a multi-level or a small project related to renegotiation of lease agreements or searching for new locations. As far as additional services accompanying transaction processes are concerned, Corees Polska offers legal, design, architectural and interior fit-out services.