We assume that people are a fundamental part of the organization in which work comfort is dictated by a properly selected office space. From the perspective of companies, the workplace allows creating the desired image among employees and encourages potential candidates for cooperation. In other words, we work so that the lease investment maximizes work comfort and achieving business goals, rather than just being a monthly cost.

Following this path, we have created our own research project #ProjectCorees

What makes the #PC stand out

Experience and interdisciplinarity - The team implementing the research project has completed thousands of training hours and completed many dedicated projects.

Independence and transparency - measurability and credibility of employees' responses, and thus research results

Comprehensiveness of the study - sociological and real estate expertise in an unparalleled range in market offers

A tool to improve communication between employees and management. We will check and suggest what to do to use.

Adapting the study to the size and needs of the organization.

What is #ProjectCorees?

The #ProjectCorees research tool is a set of research and measurement techniques that allows you to:

• learning about physical, psychological and direct social needs in the organization and the external environment, which have an impact on increasing the comfort of work and work efficiency
• defining the current and preferred organizational culture model.
• specifying the defined models of organizational cultures (current and preferred), helpful in the selection of ergonomic solutions and determining the potential risk occurring inside the work environment.

The study is based on a comprehensive research methodology aimed at diagnosing the needs and expectations of employees towards the employer and their environment from a functional, social, cultural and emotional perspective. The survey is addressed to companies that intend to improve the way they operate in a strategic, tactical and organizational aspect.

We will gladly tell you more.

Paulina Nogieć
Leasing Director

m: +48 512 556 296
e: paulina.nogiec@corees.pl

Grzegorz Kmieciński
Director, Tenant Representation

m: +48 662 822 244
e: grzegorz.kmiecinski@corees.pl