We Faced the Adversities of 2020

How does one come to know the strength and potential of a reliable commercial real estate agency? For example, after being successful on the market despite unfavorable conditions. Especially if it has just appeared on the market. Like ours.


We launched Corees Polska in September 2019 – a few months before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. We have not had time to really get all our gears in motion, meanwhile the government has already introduced restrictions that affected the office market – mainly by transferring work to the home office system and by banning the operation of many industries in which companies leased office space. This turned out to be an impulse for us to search for new solutions and a new development path. And although we admit that as for a newly established agency, without a strong portfolio, this was a time of a great trial, we came out of it unscathed, and even stronger than we expected. We are even more proud of the results we achieved last year – the fact that today we can boast of clients not only operating on the local market, but also those with a global reach. And most importantly – we have prospects for long-term cooperation and are running several projects at the same time.

Although the vast majority of offices were empty, in the first period of the pandemic our work turned out to be extremely necessary for both tenants and property owners. In the face of lockdown, loss of income by many enterprises and re-profiling to remote work, many of the existing tenants’ needs, e.g. in terms of the size of leases, turned out to be unnecessary. However, other issues related to the contract terms and conditions appeared. We have therefore provided advice to both tenants and property owners in the processes of negotiating and renegotiating existing contracts in order to adapt them to the situation that surprised us all. Our unique approach – individual and tailored to the needs – turned out to be what contributed to our brand’s recognition and the strengthening of our position on the market. Tenants and owners appreciated us for our extraordinary openness and flexibility, the empathy with which we approach each case, as well as professionalism and creativity in finding solutions that would satisfy all sides.


Despite the slowdown on the real estate market, our portfolio includes office, commercial and warehouse buildings from the portfolio of small investment funds, located in Warsaw, Wrocław and other Polish cities. We have renegotiated the largest lease agreement in Krakow, for nearly 20,000 m2 of office space in the heart of the city for ABB sp. z o.o. in the Axis building. In total, we participated in the contracting of 35 thousand. m2 of office and commercial space from Pomerania to practically the Tatra Mountains last year. In addition, we also have a set of sublets for our clients, which proves their satisfaction in cooperating with our agency along with the trust they place in us. At the moment, we already have an order for about 25 thousand m2 to be completed in 2021 and this number is consistently growing.


An undoubted success is also the fact that in the middle of the year we launched and office in Wrocław, which proved to be thriving. This convinced us that it is worth going against the tide and we are planning further openings in other Polish cities. The so-called the human factor, i.e. people who make up Corees Polska, is the most essential. Our crew is fully committed, creative and looks towards the future with great enthusiam.

Macro photo of tooth wheel mechanism with TEAM concept related words imprinted on metal surface

What distinguishes us and what contributed to the fact that – despite unfavorable conditions – we achieved such a good position on the market? It is our unique approach to clients. Firstly, we base our mutual relations on the principles of partnership, which distinguishes us from the competition. We have a comprehensive approach to providing services to our clients, regardless of whether we are negotiating the lease of several thousand meters of office space in the best location in the capital, or just a few meters in a small town. In addition, we carry out unconventional activities that go far beyond standard real estate service. This allows us to comprehensively approach the needs of our contractors. What matters to our agency is not the number of contracts signed, but the quality of our cooperation with the client. The priority is their satisfaction, also measured by keeping our word, obligations, punctuality and creativity in looking for new solutions. Thanks to the active presence on the local market and the ability to build a wide network of inter-branch connections, we are able to offer additional services by subcontractors, tailored to the specific expectations of the client.


We look at the coming year with optimism, as the experiences of the past year have shown us that we are a strong and committed team worth trusting.