Corees provides Tenant focused service. We are guided by the idea of the synergistic treatment of the tenant needs in the context of the urban conditions and the internal culture of the organization.

Office space is not just an attractive location and functional equipment. It is also a place where employees sometimes spend most of their time.
Our goal is to help in choosing and using spaces that are people-friendly so that they can pursue their professional goals and recommend their current location with satisfaction as their dream workplace.

We support property owners in achieving their goals to generate the highest investment income.

Our extensive experience and knowledge guarantee matching the most advantageous development strategies. We know how to establish and implement long-term cooperation with Tenants to achieve the maximum level of commercialization of investments.

In the process of identifying the needs of our Clients and ongoing projects, we rely on good relations, transparency and transaction security.

Our actions are based on full transparency and security of transactions based on high content and market knowledge.

Tenant Representation

Renegotiation of the lease agreement




Landlord Representation

Leasing strategy




Warehouse, production or office space is not only about location and equipment. These are the spaces where people spend most of their time due to their profession.
Our goal is to help you choose an optimal space from the business's point of view but also friendly to people. All this so that they can not only fully use it, pursue their professional career, but also recommend their employer as the one who cares about providing a supportive workplace.

Tenant Representation

Renegocjacja umowy najmu




Landlord representation

Leasing strategy




We appraise such real estate as: office, commercial, industrial, hotel, residential, development land and specialist real estate.

We prepare real estate appraisals for the purposes of bank financing, sale / purchase, accounting or other purposes at the client's individual request.

Real estate appraisal does not only concern the process of real estate valuation, but also consulting on the optimal use of real estate, maximizing the value of the real estate, and reviewing the legal or technical condition of the real estate.

In addition we deal with complex valuations of land easements and encumbrances as well as cost valuations of buildings, equipment and other complex real estate.
We are able to undertake individual and portfolio valuations and prepare valuations in Polish and English in accordance with Polish and International Valuation Standards.


We help with the process of disposal and purchase of the real estate on the side of the seller and the buyer. Our services cover all market sectors.

Regardless of whether it is an investment plot, office, warehouse, or hotel, we are able to carry out due diligence and prepare the property for sale.
We also provide advice and support at every stage of the transaction.
We provide services to represent the seller and buyers depending on the needs of our clients.

If you want to buy or sell a property or need advice on commercial due diligence, please contact us.

RES Sector

We offer mediation in the field of land obtained under:
- solar farm,
- PV installations,
- energy storage,

We mediate in the process of selecting optimal solutions and selecting professional Partners for the implementation of renewable energy installations or a possible lease option. Together with our Partners, we actively implement the highest quality solutions resulting from current trends and requirements resulting from the energy policy, including the assumptions of the European Green Deal.