Corees Polska – a new brand on the commercial real estate agency market

Corees Polska is an agency specialising in servicing the commercial real estate market. It has a broad spectrum of solutions in terms of the lease of office, storage, and retail space. It also provides investment advice.

Marek Ciunowicz, associated with the commercial real estate market in Poland for 26 years, is responsible for the creation of the brand. I don’t like stagnation, and I’m still open to new ideas. After years of creating structures from the inside, companies with foreign and polish capital, I decided to face the market and create my own brand – Corees – Commercial Real Estate – says Marek Ciunowicz.

Corees Polska implements projects throughout the country. Currently, it has main offices in Warsaw and branch at Krakow. The development plans for the coming year include the opening of new branches in major Polish cities.